Bronson Akaku

Bronson Ka’ahui on KAKU

Bronson Ka’ahui visited with Shaggy Jenkins on the “Live” show.  They discussed the Libertarian Party, and the philosophy of freedom, and the Constitution.  Bronson Ka’ahui is a libertarian candidate for Senate District 6 in Lahaina and Kahului.  


Libertarian Candidate Roll Call

There are 17 Libertarian Candidates running in Hawaii, as of June 24th, 2014.  This marks a new record for the Libertarian Party of Hawaii.  For information on how to donate, please contact the candidates below:   Joe Kent Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress District 2 To Donate, 808-987-7322, What if freedom worked? What…


Maku’u Farmers Market Mostly Libertarian!

On June 22nd, Gregory Arianoff (Candidate for Hilo), and Joe Kent (Candidate for U.S. Congress), gave the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” at the Maku’u Farmer’s Market on the Big Island. Of the many people who took the quiz, most scored as libertarian! 6 scored as liberal 4 scored as centrist 11 scored as libertarian It…


Big Island Libertarian Meeting June 23rd 2014

On June 23rd, 2014, the Big Island Libertarian Party held a meeting at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. Cynthia “Lahi Lahi” Marlin organized the meeting.   13 people attended, including:   Joe Kent, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress Gregory Arianoff, Libertarian Candidate for State Senate District 1 – Hilo Mike Last, Libertarian Candidate for State Senate…


Truant in America

Truant in America Have you ever heard of anybody who never went to school? No, I don’t mean ‘home schooled’. I’m talking about no school at all. No curriculum. No home school course. No online accredited program. Never went to Kindergarten, or any other grade. In America, that is rare, because education is compulsory.  Kids…