Big Island Libertarian Meeting June 23rd 2014

On June 23rd, 2014, the Big Island Libertarian Party held a meeting at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. Cynthia “Lahi Lahi” Marlin organized the meeting.


13 people attended, including:


Joe Kent, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress

Gregory Arianoff, Libertarian Candidate for State Senate District 1 – Hilo

Mike Last, Libertarian Candidate for State Senate District 3 – Kona

Eric Weinert, Libertarian Candidate for State House District 1 – Hamakua Coast

Alain Schiller, Libertarian Candidate for State Senate District 4 – Waimea

Cynthia “Lahi Lahi” Marlin, Candidate for Lt. Governor


In addition, there were a few non-partisan candidates who attended, including:


RJ Hampton – Candidate for County Council, District 5

Kerri Marks – Candidate for County Council, District 2


The goal of the meeting was to generate ideas for finding more libertarians on the Big Island. Perhaps form a committee to implement the ideas.


To begin, Joe Kent gave an inspirational speech about the growing libertarian movement.


Afterwards, Cynthia invited a brainstorming session to answer the question: “How can we promote the Libertarian Party on the Big Island?”


Ideas generated included:


  • Go to Farmer’s Markets and set up a “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” booth (with materials from the Advocates for Smaller Government). Joe Kent and Gregory Arianoff tried this on June 22nd, 2014 with successful results. Call Joe for more information about doing this.
  • Public Access TV Shows. Greg and Joe will take the lead on this.
  • Help the Young Americans for Liberty with canvassing, and perhaps the world’s smallest political quiz.
  • Pay for an advertisement to put the world’s smallest political quiz in the newspaper.
  • Libertarian Forum asking our candidates questions from the world’s smallest political quiz, and advertise it.
  • Mock Debates.
  • Showing of “The Price of Paradise”, a documentary by Joe Kent, at the Palace Theatre.
  • Aaron Anderson has a flat bed truck that could be used for roadside advertisement.
  • Hold a public meeting about an issue, like Cost of Living, Sustainability, OHA, etc.
  • Radio advertisement, (look up rates)
  • July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, participate at the Hilo Cooking Contest
  • July 12th, Hawaii Island Pride parade.
  • July 19th, charity event for cancer in Hilo.


The meeting went for about two hours, with pupus and ending with talk story. A great event for all!




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