Libertarian Candidate Roll Call


There are 17 Libertarian Candidates running in Hawaii, as of June 24th, 2014.  This marks a new record for the Libertarian Party of Hawaii.  For information on how to donate, please contact the candidates below:


Joe Kent

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress District 2

To Donate, 808-987-7322,

What if freedom worked?

What if freedom was an answer to many of the problems in the world today?

My name is Joe Kent, and I’m a Candidate for U.S. Congress for the Libertarian Party of Hawaii, and I believe that freedom works. Freedom is an answer to many of life’s problems. Today, government is growing too big, and it spends too much. The Government has grown to manage almost every area of our lives, from the police state, to taking care of our kids, and the endless wars. I believe that individuals should have the freedom to manage their own lives. But with freedom comes great responsibility. That’s why I’m running as a Libertarian — because I want to protect the idea that individuals know what’s best for their own lives.


Eric Weinert

Libertarian Candidate for State House District 1, Hamakua Coast

To Donate,, 808-896-2610,

I care about our community, our children and our future. I believe everyone should be treated with respect. I focus on our common goals rather than our differences. I have farmed my entire adult life in Hawaii, propagating over 250,000 fruit trees in Hawaii County and currently manage a farm business that has 85 employees and exports over 12 million pounds of papaya from Hawaii annually. I have been married for 32 years and am the proud father of two wonderful children. I will be an effective legislator because as a Libertarian, I am allowed to sit on any committee of my choosing and I have a strong history of working well with others to accomplish results.


Pat Brock

Libertarian Candidate for House District 11, Kihei


Government is crushing our economy. A one year tax vacation for all Americans would have been much cheaper than the stimulus program.

Passing the health care bill & the financial reform act was exactly the wrong thing to do to during a financial downturn. When people are looking for a way to make the economy work for them, changing the rules of the economic game only adds uncertainty.

Maintaining a world-wide military presence is costing us dearly. The United States should have the most sophisticated military defenses & they should be deployed in America to defend America.

Individual income taxes are a fundamental breach of freedom & should be eliminated.

Millions of people are being jailed for hurting no one & we are rapidly running out of places to imprison dangerous criminals. Drug prohibition has created a huge underground industry that law enforcement is spending billions to stop with no progress.

Government should be simple, so every citizen can understand it. As it is, the United States has so many laws that even lawyers, who create the laws, cannot be aware of them all. Police must ignore most laws & select only some to enforce.

If government took the pressure off, by repealing many laws & regulations, & by lowering taxes, people could relax, & enjoy their lives rather than resorting to drugs to anesthetize themselves to a harsh reality.

I, & the Libertarian Party, seek to uphold the sanctity of every person. Freedom can be restored.


Kai Takayama

Libertarian Candidate for State House District 48

45-106 William Henry Rd., Kaneohe 96744. (808) 429-5094

What is the purpose of government? This is a question everyone should be asking. Are you voting for a politician because they promise to deliver goods and services from the public pot at the cost of increased bureaucracy, increased taxes, less privacy, and less freedom? Do you look beyond promises to understand the ramifications of legislation and how laws and statutes will affect our economy, our society, and our future? Do you understand the ideologies of the people you vote for and who is funding their campaigns?

As a Libertarian and a Constitutionalist, I recognize very specific limits were imposed upon government to avoid the over-accumulation of power, reduce the potential for corruption, secure our Natural and God-given rights, and maintain responsibility and independence within the people. We have abrogated many responsibilities to ourselves and our communities to a government that has abused it’s powers and grown out of control. The answer is not more bureaucracy, spending, debt, taxes, and laws; the answer is reducing government and decentralizing power, returning control to the local and state level, completely reforming the tax code and fiscal policy, eliminating the debt-based banking system, getting money out of politics, eliminating the welfare state, supporting free-market solutions, and enforcing Common/Constitutional Law.

The Federal government has failed miserably and we are paying the price. We must take our country back while we still can and find innovative ways to solve problems.


Jeff Davis


Libertarian Candidate for Governor

To Donate, 2737 Pacific Heights Rd., #1, Honolulu 96813. (808) 554-7200

Video Statement from Jeff

Aloha, my name is Jeff Davis.  I love our island home, and I deeply care about our future . . . that is why I’m running for governor of Hawaii.  For Our Future… The quality of life on these islands depends on three important factors.


The people of Hawaii are blessed with an extraordinarily beautiful home. Along with this blessing comes the sacred responsibility of stewardship. As responsible stewards we require the knowledge and passion to act in defense of the ‘aina… we are entitled to know what goes into the land and streams we love, and the air we breathe, and the ocean that sustains our island culture.  We have a right to know what goes into the food we eat and the products we use. It is our birthright to breath clean air and drink pure water. We as a people cannot continue to blindly hand over these inherent rights, so that a privileged few may prosper at the expense of the health of our land and people.


Prosperity is the birthright of everyone in the islands. Our lands are abundant and plentiful, and while we certainly know how to relax and enjoy life… we are also hardworking and productive. However, those-in-power have developed a “plantation” mentality over the years whereby the common citizen of Hawaii isn’t really considered an independent entity with rights and privileges… but rather more of an indentured servant… buying from the company store, eating at the company mess, sleeping in the company bunks and voting the company line.


The future, of course, lies with our keiki. But our youth grow up and fly away, often never to return except briefly on holiday. There is often no opportunity awaiting our young graduates beyond the hospitality industry and other tourist service occupations.We need to develop a technological infrastructure so that our best and brightest are not lured to the mainland.  We need to provide a stronger emphasis on providing our youth with a solid and relevant education that will serve them in the 21st century.


Cynthia “Lahilahi” Marlin


Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

12-179 Kipuka St., Pahoa 96778. (808) 965-0002

Cynthia “Lahi Lahi” Marlin is running as a libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor.  She has been very active in the libertarian party on the Big Island, and also active in the Pahoa community.  She cares deeply for the island, and for individual liberty and personal responsibility.  Please be sure to vote for Cynthia “Lahi Lahi” Marlin!



Gregory Arianoff-Kobata

Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 1, Hilo

To Donate

Friends of Gregory Arianoff-Kobata, 161 Malia St., Hilo 96720. (808) 990-0173

I believe that government has created and continues to create wasteful departments that consistently hinder prosperity by regulating markets. Every job “created” by government costs taxpayers infinite amounts of money, while every job created by the private sector costs taxpayers nothing! Reducing the government is the only path to economic and individual freedom, and that was the vision of the Forefathers of this great country. Government should be limited to the extent of our Constitution; it should be there to provide us with roads and infrastructure, to protect its citizens from foreign and domestic threats and allow true capitalism to flourish.


Michael Last

Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 3, Kona

P.O. Box 291, Naalehu 96772. (808) 929-8422

As an adult, you should be allowed to do whatever you choose with your own person or property, provided you don’t PHYSICALLY harm the person or property of a non-consenting other adult.

Without me running, there would be no freedom of choice. I do not condone that a person can be swept into office due to the lack of another voice. With only one person seeking the office, if you don’t like the individual, you have no choice to vote for someone else. I provide that choice.


Alain J. Schiller


Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 4, Waimea

To Donate

P.O. Box 384737, Waikoloa 96738. (808) 987-9866 alain4liberty@gmail.com

I favor a smaller government, which purpose is to protect the people and their privacy. I believe that money and corporations should be taken out of politic. I believe in Real Estate and Real People. A corporation has never been and will never be a Real Person. I believe that real liberty starts with individual responsibility. Education is a family duty but “Common Core is a set of nationalized standards, which are the first steps toward a national curriculum, where the federal government has complete control over what children are taught in school.” That has to stop. I favor a flat percentage for state income tax. I believe Hawaii should be a leader in clean & green energy. Civil union for same sex couple should be protected as well as religious liberty for people of faith. I favor implementation of point-of-origin and GMO labeling for all produce.


Bronson Ka’ahui


Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 6, Lahaina and Kihei, 36 W. Aipuni Pl., Lahaina 96761. (808) 264-7988, facebook

I am running because there is something very wrong with our society today.  Politicians in D.C. and Honolulu decide amongst themselves what is best for you and your family. They want to tell farmers what kind of crops they are allowed to grow. They want to tell schools in Kihei and Lahaina what is the best way to educate our children. They want to tell people how many fish they are allowed to catch, irrespective of their family size or situation. Even our local government wants to limit our freedom of speech and violate our civil liberties – and when they get sued in court, we have to pay.

I believe in limited government, individual liberty and economic freedom.

Politicians have too much power and control over our lives, and this is becoming dangerous.  The Constitution was written to protect us from tyrannical governments, but politicians routinely ignore their oaths to uphold and defend it. We’ve accepted in our society that there are two sets of justice’ – one for those in power and one for everybody else.”


– See more at:



Raymond Banda


Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 18

94-305 Lupua Pl., Mililani 96789. (469) 267-9418

An American lives in the most prosperous land in the history of the world.  The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of Independence, which recognizes the God given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness.



Fred Fogel

Libertarian Candidate for House District 3, Puna

P.O. Box 1071, Volcano 96785. (808) 265-1659

Are you satisfied with government? Would you like more personal freedom and less governmental intervention in your personal life? Should all politicians face term limits? Should voters approve pay raises for politicians? Should the state income tax be flat and all income up to poverty level exempt? Should tips and inheritance be exempt from taxes? Should food and medicine not be taxed? Should counties have more authority and the people therein be able to legalize cannabis, gambling and prostitution; or ban things like GMO and geothermal? Should school boards be local? Should Hawaiians have sovereignty? Should tampering with bills be banned? Should money dedicated for a specific purpose be only used for that purpose? Should the budget really be balanced? Should concealed carry be reality, not just law? Should vehicle safety checks be optional for personal vehicles under ten years old? Should prisons rehabilitate? If your answers are mainly yes – consider voting FOGEL.



Jon Lalanne

Libertarian Candidate for House District 5, Captain Cook area

P.O. Box 6677, Ocean View 96737. (310) 924-5119

My name is Jon LaLanne.  I have owned 2 successful businesses in Malibu as well as having worked in restaurants for 20 years.In 1988 there was a TAX imposed on waiters tips .That single incident threw up a red flag of Texas sized proportion to me.  We all know now what California did with my tips…they wasted them.  I now work for my family and own a surfboard company here on the big island and in CA.  The laws here are so counterproductive to business I could go on and on.  One may want to look in to the monopoly that Young Bros has in the shipping industry.  I know it greatly affects me.  Too much regulation too many restrictions = too little free market trade and prosperity.  I believe lowering taxes always increases tax revenue and stimulates business — Austrian econ 101.  There could be so much more wealth brought to the islands, if more libertarian principals were implemented.


Anthony Higa

Libertarian Candidate for House District 19, Diamond Head Area, Kaimuki

To Donate, send a check to:

Friends of Anthony Higa

P.O. Box 160997, Honolulu 96816. (808) 387-4783

LPH: What issues are important to you?

 1) Thriving industries.  Solar, trade, technology, agriculture, film, research innovation, and waste management.

 2) Trailer homes.  There is a huge misconception that all homeless people choose to live on the streets and don’t contribute to society.  Many are working homeless but can’t afford a traditional home or rent.  Trailer homes cost a fraction of the price of houses or apartment buildings and will give the working homeless a solid foundation to live.

 3) Charter schools.  Every year Hawaii’s public schools seem to rank at the bottom.  Charter schools will have more autonomy to fit education the child’s unique needs.

 4) Decriminalize substance abuse.  Mental illness is not a crime, nor is it an excuse to commit acts of violence.  Substance abuse has become an epidemic in this state, but so has obesity yet we don’t arrest people for being overweight nor do we shut down fast food restaurants.  Addiction must be treated as a brain disease the same way obesity is treated as a medical condition.  And if someone commits an act of violence while intoxicated we must not make excuses for them and blame the drug.  The individual is responsible for their actions.

 5) Combat special interests. For the record, I am not anti-GMO, but there is something to be said about crony capitalism.  People have a right to know what’s in their food and make their own choices, not follow what a corporation of government tells them to do.



Tom Berg

Libertarian Candidate for House District 41, Ewa Beach area

91-203 Hanapouli Cir., #39U, Ewa Beach 96706. (808) 753-7324


Advance the will of the people – label GMO products; end the war on drugs; break up the monopoly on electricity and shipping; and actually protect important farmland instead of promoting backroom land swap deals. When in doubt, put it on the ballot is my motto- let the people decide.

One Big Idea:

Take farmland that’s sitting fallow and grow industrial hemp on it. This will create tens of thousands of new jobs- from cultivation itself to processing the plant into food, fuel, clothing, textiles, and hempcrete/building material right on the spot. Turn a homeless tent city into a thriving economic sustainability machine.

Examine Mission at Hand:

Visit website: and youtube channels: bergdraft ; TBERGHAWAII ; BERGINHAWAII ; and tv shows from public access community television OLELO.NET and search for program FOR EWA TODAY to watch past episodes online that expose graft and corruption in Hawaii’s political arena. 



Al Frenzel

Libertarian Candidate for House District 2, Waianai

P.O. BOX 1905, Waianae 96792. (808) 343-4916

I have a passion to do what is pono for my constituents, even when the cause is controversial or not the position of bureaucrats or special interests. My special interests are the needs of the community and its people. I’ve already achieved a fulfilling career; have 20 years of education and many life experiences to draw upon. I serve no masters and owe favors to no one; I don’t seek this office to pay my bills or feed my ego; therefore, I plan to donate my annual salary to the community.

I became motivated to run for office because I watched my Representative deliberately ignore an important community issue. I am sincerely concerned that if a Representative of the people will not do what is pono on a simple issue, then how can they be trusted when a tough issue arises? Over the past three years, my constituents and I have been poorly represented with regards to the Makaha Bridges Project being rail-roaded through the approval process. The incumbent ignored us in our struggle to correct a very bad project.

I’ve been a Makaha resident for twelve years and a kamaaina for over thirty. I’m a retired Army Colonel with over thirty years of Military and Civil Service. I own several businesses within the community, have served on the WCNB and am currently the Board’s OMPO representative. I founded Malama Makaha, championing the noble cause to reverse short-sighted bureaucratic decisions that will harm Makaha Beach Park and endanger our keikis.


Michael Kokoski


Candidate for U.S. Senator

439 Keoniana St., PH3, Honolulu 96815. (808) 375-7140

Aloha, My name is Michael Allen Kokoski and I am a candidate for US Senate. I’m a libertarian party member, and I want your vote on election day.  You know we have problems in the United States, and we have problems in paradise too.  Our island home is beautiful and loving, and kind, and there’s so many people from all over the world that visit us every year, and every week.  It’s a beautiful friendly place to live.  But there are problems in paradise.  We have homelessness.  We have huge congestions on our freeways and highways and roads, God! what a terrible mess.  We have huge costs of shipping to the islands.  And we also have this thing called the drug war.

But in my mind, it’s all the same issue.  I am here to promote freedom and liberty, and righteousness, and justice.

Watch the video for more.





One thought on “Libertarian Candidate Roll Call

  1. I thought libertarians were for free markets, yet I see a number of candidates here who want to go running to Big Brother to force more onerous rules and regulations on the food industry. I recommend those candidates brush up on the idea of free markets and the mistake of government meddling by reading Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson;

    Further, food sold at markets and stores etc., is not “our” food, no more than clothes in a clothing store can be deemed “our” clothes, or new cars on the showroom floor as “our” cars. “Our” food implies that foodstuffs produced by private individuals and companies is public property, which is a socialist ideology.

    The only food that you can rightly claim as “your own” is that which you have grown by your own effort and labor, such as in a garden.

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